Business Services

Fixing The Money Thing…A Practical Plan to YOUR Financial Freedom!


From Key Person Insurance, Buy Sell Agreement policies and more.  We will review your costs and coverage and provide a variety of solutions that will provide protection for the Business and your Employees.


Many business owners today are being overcharged for their gas, electric, telecommunication, merchant services and more and are not aware of their options. We can help locate savings in these areas and provide a simple free analysis to provide you with what savings options might be available today or in the near future to help increase your bottom line.


We look at the bottom line and help you maintain profits with solutions like our group insurance audit and analysis. payroll cost analysis and legal support cost studies for businesses. Our analysis of these areas are at no cost or obligation to you or your business.


We will show you how to save thousands and offer the benefits that your employees deserve.


Most importantly we will provide perhaps the greatest benefit you could ever offer your employees.  At no cost we will meet with each of your employees and provide them with their own personalized Debt Plan.  We find that a debt free Employee is a more focused and productive employee which translates directly to an increased bottom line for your business and a better quality of life for them.

Fixing The Money Thing…A Practical Plan to YOUR Financial Freedom!