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Think that debt is no big deal? Think again. Did you know that 80% of divorces are caused by financial issues? For most people, “The American Dream” has turned into a nightmare.


If you look back, you can probably see a decision here, point to a selection there, a left turn, a right turn, a “slow merge ahead” that shaped your journey and brought you to today.


Right now. This point in time you call your life. A satisfying, fulfilled, meaningful life doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, hard work, and diligence. That’s why Forward Financial Group produces a written plan for people to be out of debt in five to seven years, including their mortgage, usually without changing their current income. We’ve found that 89% of people can truly be free in five to seven years with some strategy changes. Imagine being free to dream again and no longer limited by your budget.


Today, Forward Financial Group does Debt Elimination Plans for tens of thousands of families across the United States. These plans involve much more than just a refinance, which is what most companies offer as a band-aid solution but rather our plan involves every aspect of your financial picture. And the best part is we don’t charge a thing. That’s right! Our services are simple, hassle-free and completely free of charge. We figured it didn’t make sense to charge people money to help them fix their money.

Debt Reduction and Financial Strategy

Most people want their finances to be in order. They want to save for retirement. They want to eliminate debt and create a cash reserve. They want to start their own business. They want their wife to be able to come home from work and just be a mom. They want to be free. The question is always, “HOW CAN I DO THAT?” Sure, there are plenty of companies out there who say they have the answer. The problem is that there are many pitfalls and sales jobs in the financial service industry. How are you supposed to know what’s a good deal and what’s just another sales pitch? That’s where we come in.


Forward Financial Group has been helping people “fix the money thing” since 1988. By taking the mystery out of everything from life insurance to refinancing, investments to taxes, we help consumers make the right decisions for their goals. We analyze every aspect of what you spend money on, and we search for better solutions. We’ve found that most people can reach their goals. It just takes some know how.


Today, Forward Financial Group does Debt Elimination Plans for tens of thousands of families across the United States. These plans involve much more than just a refinance, which is what most companies offer as a band-aid solution but rather our plan involves every aspect of your financial picture. And the best part is we don’t charge a thing. That’s right! Our services are simple, hassle-free and completely free of charge. We figured it didn’t make sense to charge people money to help them fix their money.

Invest & Plan for Retirement

Over the years, evaluating different retirement financial strategies has been complicated by uncertain economic conditions and all-time low interest rates. It’s likely that you’ve been forced to alter your retirement plans or make changes to the way you live your current retirement because of the declining value of your portfolio.


If you’re a Teacher or Professor:


The Problem:
Education Professionals have become entirely too comfortable with the limited choices, ridiculous fees and potential losses offered in their retirement systems.


The corporate employer has a vested financial interest in researching the various 401K products because they match funds. However, Universities and School Districts are only required to provide an avenue for you to access a 403B product. The lack of matching funds results in the lack of research being done to find the best products.


The Solution:
Forward Financial Group specializes in the unique needs of Academic Professionals by offering “Retire-Ability” seminars and one on one consultations. Through these consultations or seminars you will receive the knowledge, the know how, and the confidence that your retirement product is either working for you or that you need to make a change.


Forward Financial Group specializes in recommending and implementing strategies that can help you enjoy a long and prosperous retirement; and over the years, we’ve worked successfully with thousands of people in the United States to do just that. The programs that we put in place for our clients are incredibly effective alternatives to more traditional, yet frequently risky, retirement strategies.

Affordable Legal Services

Forward Financial Group provides its clients’ access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems but for everyday events such as buying a house or a car, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company, dealing with identity theft or reviewing a contract. These kinds of things can be among the most important events in a person’s life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review. Talk to us about how you can have constant and immediate legal counsel, as well as help in setting up a will, without the exorbitant fees and headaches that come with using most attorneys.

Personal Tax Services and Research

Personal Tax Services
The average family does not have a CPA or Tax advisor and usually finds themselves allowing a total stranger that knows nothing about their lives, their future plans, or their financial goals complete a final tax picture for them. These situations can lean toward errors in your return due to lack of probing questions or proper information submitted.


We found that most of our clients that benefit from our 3-year look back review would also benefit from a personal tax strategy. There are strategies that can be put in place prior to the beginning of the year like company status changes, tax status changes or recommendations of ways to spend your earnings. As well, having this dialogue on a quarterly basis will protect you from allowing an entire year go by without any knowledge of your final status. Taking time and promoting dialogue between you and your Tax Advisor will prove to be beneficial come tax season.


Overpaid Taxes
Statistically, up to 60% of all tax returns contain errors, usually in the IRS’ favor. Right now the IRS has billions of dollars waiting to be claimed by people who have overpaid their taxes due to miscalculation and numerical errors. The catch is that most people don’t know they’ve overpaid, and the IRS isn’t required by law to tell them. If you don’t find the mistakes and request a refund within 3 years, the IRS keeps the money. According to Tax Advisor Magazine (May 2000), a 1998 study showed taxes exceed what most of us pay for food, lodging, clothing and transportation combined – and it turns out that many of us are paying more than our fair share. Our job is to help you find the errors that have caused you to overpay, and get your money back!


THE TAX REFUND MYTH: Over two thirds of the U.S. population get a refund check from Uncle Sam every year and think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, since they can’t seem to save money any other way. However, Uncle Sam pays zero percent interest on the money you overpaid during the year. Make changes now to leave about $200 in a refund check for next year, and put the increased cash flow toward a cash reserve. Talk to your tax advisor or call us for detailed instructions on how to change your W-4. Be sure to include any new child, new home or new second mortgage when figuring your new allowance. The more you save up front on your taxes, the more money you will have to invest into something that will give you a return.


The average tax preparer completes about 480 returns during tax season. With this overwhelming workload, it’s nearly impossible for them to be thorough and to identify every possible deduction. We offer a FREE REVIEW (some restrictions apply) of your last 3 years of taxes by a licensed, independent tax review specialist. This gives you the opportunity to get a qualified second opinion from someone who has the expertise to identify errors or missed deductions that may have caused you to overpay.


We use independent tax review specialists that review taxes year round. This means they can afford to take the time to closely scrutinize your returns and aggressively look for legitimate deductions that were either missed or not previously applied.


Right now the IRS has Billions of dollars waiting to be claimed. The catch is that most people don’t know they’ve overpaid, and the IRS isn’t required by law to tell them. If you don’t find the mistakes and request a refund within 3 years, the IRS keeps the money. Let Forward Financial Group help you fix the “tax” thing.

Check for Lost Areas

Our desire is to help people fix the money thing and move forward with life. Through personalized planning and strategic restructuring, we can help you achieve your goals. We are always searching for new and innovative ways to save you money.


An in-depth look at your family budget will provide an Associate with the knowledge necessary to find your lost money. Also, there are many websites that allow for searches of money that could not be delivered to you due to address changes. We do it all for you and all at no cost to you.


In the limited time that our Associates will have to spend with you, we still provide resources that will allow you the opportunity to hear from our founder himself, Gary Keesee. However, to really grasp our teaching, you are welcome to attend one of the Now Revolution Conferences. Your life will never be the same.


The Now Revolution: Your Money. Your Destiny. Your Life. is the empowering conference offering practical answers for right now, with entrepreneur, author and pastor Gary Keesee. It’s the defining message for the historic times we are facing, with insight that will revolutionize your destiny, empower you for success and help you change your world.


This is not just another conference. This is a lifestyle change, a paradigm shift, a mindset revolution that will impact every area. From Europe to Southeast Asia and all across the United States, people are answering the call to revolt against just surviving life and start living it. Get ready for a revolution in your life.


After all, the world has changed. Shouldn’t you?


To host a conference or for information regarding upcoming conferences in your area call (614) 775-9677.

Complete Insurance Solutions

Every family has to pay for many different types of insurance. Our advice is to buy the least expensive quality insurance you can. To save money on insurance, set higher deductibles on deductible type insurance programs, such as auto, home and health. Setting higher deductibles will also require you to have a cash reserve in place to cover those deductibles in the event of a claim.


Be a good shopper when it comes to insurance. Rates vary between companies. We have already done the research and if you’ve ever read a mission statement from an insurance company, it usually reads something like this: “To make life better for individuals and families…to afford security, trust, superior value, and peace of mind to those we serve.” Forward Financial Group has made it their mission to review the industry’s insurance practices, and we will only recommend companies that have met or exceeded our industry standards of excellence. Having insurance just makes sense, because we believe it is imperative to financially compensate for any area that you cannot cover yourself. However, we also believe that there are certain companies and products that can provide this coverage without disrupting your family budget or your peace of mind.

Debt Reduction and Financial Strategy

We can create our regular Personalized Financial Strategies Plan on a larger, Business scale to help you eliminate debt, set up employee benefits, invest, get cost-effective insurance, set up a cash reserve and plan for future growth.

Full Business Tax Services

Most business owners know they are paying too much in taxes, but they don’t know that 60% of tax returns have errors in the client’s favor.


If you have had a combination of 1099, self-employment and “S” or “C” Corporation, or rental income other than W2 wages, we can help. We will look for overpaid taxes within the last three years and get them returned to you.


Also, our partnerships bring the expertise of the nation’s largest accounting firm specializing in Small Business Tax Solutions, which will prepare over 15,000 small business returns nationwide this year. Let us help you save in taxes.

Complete Insurance Solutions

From Key Person Insurance, Buy Sell Agreement policies and more.  We will review your costs and coverage and provide a variety of solutions that will provide protection for the Business and your Employees.

Business Cost Analysis

Many business owners today are being overcharged for their gas, electric, telecommunication, merchant services and more and are not aware of their options. We can help locate savings in these areas and provide a simple free analysis to provide you with what savings options might be available today or in the near future to help increase your bottom line.

Employee Benefits and Legal

We look at the bottom line and help you maintain profits with solutions like our group insurance audit and analysis. payroll cost analysis and legal support cost studies for businesses. Our analysis of these areas is free. If we do not save you money with options that you can actually utilize, our time is free as well. We only get paid if you get paid.


We will show you how to save thousands and offer the benefits that your employees deserve.


Most importantly we will provide perhaps the greatest benefit you could ever offer your employees.  At no cost we will meet with each of your employees and provide them with their own personalized Debt Plan.  We find that a debt free Employee is a more focused and productive employee which translates directly to an increased bottom line for your business and a better quality of life for them.

Take your financial future into your hands and request your custom Debt Elimination Plan by clicking the button below and filling out our form. Once submitted, Matt will contact you and you will be one step closer to financial freedom!


Getting out of Debt and Safe Investing are both critical parts of the equation.  However, sometimes the bottom line is the need for increase.  Building wealth, having more than enough and able to be generous on every occasion requires that you have a “Net”.  An opportunity in the marketplace to solve a problem and receive the rewards associated with doing just that.  For the right person, a part or full time opportunity with Forward Financial Group just might be the “Net” you are looking for.

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Whether you need assistance with personal financial planning or corporate debt elimination, identification of loss areas or cost reductions, let the Associates at Forward Financial Group show you how to get started down the right path so you can reach your dream. Since the beginning, our values have always been honesty, integrity and faith. In a world where the bottom line appears to be making money at the expense of the client, we want you to know that YOUR freedom and security is our first priority.

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