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Join the thousands of others who have eliminated their debt and safe guarded their investments. It’s time to control of your finances today.

Thank you for the plan you put together for me. I feel empowered to achieve my financial goals!

-Pauline J.

It has been a year since our first meeting with a Personal Money Coach and we have since paid off our credit cards, car loan, and now have our investments truly protected. Their expertise, professional manner, and kindness have secure our financial future.

-Sally K.

Thank you for coming to our house and providing us a complete “get out of debt plan” and showing us how to pay off our home in less than 5 years. We thank FFG for what they did for our family.

-Sharon A.

Fixing The Money Thing…A Practical Plan to YOUR Financial Freedom!

Financial Freedom

Think that debt is no big deal? Think again. Did you know that 80% of divorces are caused by financial issues? For most people, “The American Dream” has turned into a nightmare.


If you look back, you can probably see a decision here, point to a selection there, a left turn, a right turn, a “slow merge ahead” that shaped your journey and brought you to today. Right now. This point in time you call your life.


A satisfying, fulfilled, meaningful life doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, hard work, and diligence. That’s why Forward Financial Group produces a written plan for people to be out of debt in five to seven years, including their mortgage, usually without changing their current income. We’ve found that 89% of people can truly be free in five to seven years with some strategy changes. Imagine being free to dream again and no longer limited by your budget.


Today, Forward Financial Group does Debt Elimination Plans for tens of thousands of families across the United States. These plans involve much more than just a refinance, which is what most companies offer as a band-aid solution but rather our plan involves every aspect of your financial picture. And the best part is we don’t charge a thing. That’s right! Our services are simple, hassle-free and completely free of charge.

Debt Reduction & Financial Strategy

Most people want their finances to be in order. They want to save for retirement. They want to eliminate debt and create a cash reserve. They want to start their own business. They want their wife to be able to come home from work and just be a mom. They want to be free. The question is always, “HOW CAN I DO THAT?” Sure, there are plenty of companies out there who say they have the answer. The problem is that there are many pitfalls and sales jobs in the financial service industry. How are you supposed to know what’s a good deal and what’s just another sales pitch? That’s where we come in.


Forward Financial Group has been helping people “fix the money thing” since 1988. By taking the mystery out of everything from life insurance to refinancing, investments to taxes, we help consumers make the right decisions for their goals. We analyze every aspect of what you spend money on, and we search for better solutions. We’ve found that most people can reach their goals. It just takes some know how.

Plan for Retirement

Over the years, evaluating different retirement financial strategies has been complicated by uncertain economic conditions and all-time low interest rates. It’s likely that you’ve been forced to alter your retirement plans or make changes to the way you live your current retirement because of the declining value of your portfolio.


Let our team of Associates assist you in developing a strategy to safeguard your investments, build wealth, and reach your financial goals and objectives. You work hard for your money, let us show you how to safely make your money work harder for you.

We want to see you succeed. That’s why we provide practical, hassle-free services all at no cost to you!
“In my 30+ years in the financial industry, I have discovered pitfalls that I want to help you avoid. If it deals with money, we do it, and if you don’t see it here, just ask! We want to provide you with accurate, industry proven recommendations, and strive for excellence in each instance. We are here for you and want to see YOU succeed. We look forward to serving you, your family, and your business.”

– Gary Keesee, Founder and CEO