Your Financial Revolution Book by Gary Keesee

Your Financial Revolution Book by Gary Keesee

We all know that money isn’t everything, but it is important. That’s why God wants you to be free financially. He wants you to prosper and have the ability to capture ideas and produce wealth and be about the assignment on your life. No matter what your financial situation looks like right now, it’s not impossible. Gary Keesee has been there.

For years, Gary worked hard, but just couldn’t seem to make enough money to pay his bills, let alone get ahead. When he came up short each month, he would borrow to make ends meet, hoping to be able to pay it back the next month. But after a few years of living like that, he found himself in a financial pit, owing on 10 maxed-out credit cards, three finance company loans, two car payments, back taxes, judgments and liens, and $26,000 to relatives! He was drowning in debt and completely fed up. And he had a family to provide for! All seven of them were living in a small, broken-down, 1800s farmhouse, complete with weeds growing through the broken windowpanes. Their cars were broken-down, too―with bent frames, rusted out floorboards, and mileage at more than 200,000 on each of them.

“I can clearly remember the day I collapsed on my bed completely desperate and crying out to God,” Gary said. “My wife, Drenda, and I were believers, but something obviously wasn’t working. We were faithful to our church, and we loved God, but something clearly wasn’t right. Nothing had changed for NINE very long years. Things had only gotten worse.”

That was when God revealed several life-changing things to Gary, and his life and his finances were drastically changed. Gary and his wife, Drenda, went from financial ruin to being completely debt free over the next two and a half years, even paying cash for cars and for their dream house.

Ever since then, Gary has been on a mission to help people all around the world experience the same financial revolution that he experienced.

“I’ve heard SO MANY incredible stories of people whose lives have been dramatically changed once they gained an understanding of how the Kingdom of God operates and started implementing its principles in their lives,” Gary said. “My personal story is one of thousands now!”

Because Gary experienced the life-changing principles of the Kingdom himself years ago, he purposely created an entire conference dedicated to this foundational Kingdom training; it’s called Your Financial Revolution.

Now, Your Financial Revolution is a book.

It’s time to stop waiting for something to change in your finances and in your life.

It’s time to change the way you think.

It’s time for a revolution―Your Financial Revolution.

The book includes:

• proven principles

• incredible stories

• biblical wisdom

• practical tips

Your Financial Revolution was specifically designed to help you understand the laws that govern the Kingdom of God so you can apply them to your everyday life.

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